Gutter Cleaning

Q: Why should I have my gutters regularly cleaned and maintained?

A: The gutters on your home are there to prevent water from flowing off the roof and seeping into your basement and foundation. They also prevent stagnate water from dripping off roof edges. Your gutters accumulate leaves, seeds and other debris from nearby trees and such. When gutters become clogged, water begins to spill over the edges. The result could be thousands of dollars in damage, which is completely avoidable if your gutters are properly cleaned and maintained.

Q: How often should I have my gutters cleaned?

A: You should have your gutters inspected and cleaned every fall and spring after the seeds and leaves have finished falling. If you have a lot of trees close to your home, such as Pine trees, Maple trees or other heavy seed producing trees, you'll need to have them cleaned in the summer around mid to late June as well. We also make sure that loose debris on the roof if removed to prevent additional buildup.

Q: What about gutter cleaning in winter time?

A: Throughout the months of December, January and February there are days that the temperature rises above 32 degrees. The snow and ice that has accumulated on your roof and around your downspouts prevent proper drainage and your gutters begin to heavily overflow. This is a crucial time to prevent damage from occurring to your home.

Q: What happens to the debris in my gutters?

A: After cleaning your gutters, we load the debris on our truck and take it away with us. We do not drop it on the ground and leave an unsightly mess for you to clean up. In the spring we convert the debris to compost and use it in Mike's blueberry and rose garden. You can rest assured that the debris from your gutters is not being added to the local land fill.

Exceptional Quality

Our technicians are experienced professionals and the quality of their work is unmatched. To top it off, all gutter cleaning work is backed by a 30 day guarantee that just can't be beat!

Gutter Cleaning Rates

The cost of gutter cleaning varies from suburb to suburb. Most homes in the Chicago suburban region range between $100 and $175; averaging at $150 or less.

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